RJ Calculator


RJ Calculator is a scientific calculator with most basic functions like trigonometric functions, logarithms and base conversion. Also, statistic calculations like standard deviation and regression. If you need help just click the question mark or right mouse button to get a menu, then select help.

The calculator calculates expressions, letting you enter something like:

  2{pi}(3*sin25+2*cos3.2)+2*ln3.6      [EXE]

This makes it easy to recalculate or change the expression since you don't need to re-enter the whole thing. To edit the expression use the keys: [< Del] [Del >] [<] [>] or use the keyboard keys: delete, backspace or the arrow keys to move the caret You can also use Copy and Paste in the context menu (press right mouse button in the display).

You can easily program and store formulas like: S=bc*sin A/2 And there are plenty of variables to choose from if you like to add to the 50 already built in formulas available. You can also make a program using the built in program editor. The editor uses syntax highlighting to help you write the source code.

To download click here.

The calculator is developed using Visual C++ and tested and compatible with Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP. It is released as freeware.

Latest version

Version 2.71 (2007-02-25)

- Fixed a programming declaration bug with arrays ( v = a[s] ).

Version 2.70 (2005-08-20)

- When entering something like 20/4/2 it gave the wrong answer. It has been fixed.
- Made the time between entering values in formula mode shorter.